Huckleberry Woodchuck is dedicated to providing the customer with the best products available.  I have been fortunate enough to meet some great makers during this past year and here is a brief statement about each.

Hello, my name is Patrick Ober and I have been making custom chainmail armour and jewelry for the since 1992. Beginning in 2000 I have begun to specialize in chainmail jewelry, everything from finger rings and earrings to heavy necklaces. Each item is hand made, one at a time using a combination of fabricated and purchased clasps and other findings. I will be gradually moving to all hand made jewelry with no pre-made parts over the next few years. You can find more of his work here.

Wolfman Zack Dunnett has been a contributor to the shop for a long time. He specializes in high quality leather goods that are both utilitarian and beautiful. His notebook covers are some of the finest I have come across and I use one of his pocket notebook covers for all of my shop related business. 

Josh Cagle is a buddy of mine and I have known him for years. He is a carpenter by trade but dabbles in anything outdoor related and is currently working on his organic farm. He will be making the pocket top bases for the shop and I am excited to have him aboard. 

Jon Fontane from Metal Shop CT is the other half of the Twist bullet pencil project and has also contributed his fine products to the shop. From his website: Growing up I would spend time at my Grandfathers machine shop, Liberty Machine Co. in Paterson, NJ.  I remember the engineers and draftsmen working upstairs in the office on large drafting tables, the shop downstairs will all the machinery and especially the 1960's era delivery truck...wish I still had that one!In a way, Metal Shop is a tribute to my grandfather, John Pasquale.

I founded Metal Shop in early 2013 because I believe in the American craftsman.  In today's world, products are made in every corner of the globe, stamped out and mass produced with little care for quality or tradition. Metal Shop is about a complete 180 from that.  Each of our products is machined and finished by skilled machinists with years of experience.