Flannel and Copper

Huckleberry Woodchuck handkerchiefs began as an alternative to the burp cloths I was using to clean up after my baby daughter.  I set to work creating a variety of styles eventually landing on a 12-ish inch square with both a flannel and cotton layer. A diagonal stitch was added to keep the layers together and to minimize bunching while in the pocket. 

One thing I can not tolerate is a candy ass snot rag. Our handkerchiefs are burly enough for the thickest beards and are guaranteed to remove the mustard from your chin and the whiskey from your mustache. The corners are double stitched with Gutermann Poly or Cotton thread. The decorative diagonal stitch is to ensure the layers stay together and don't bunch in your pocket. The bar tacs (vertical stitches on the corner by the label) are exclusive to the Classic and Signature lines and have been a mark of excellence since the shop began. If it doesn't have the bar tacs, it wasn't made by me.