The pursuit of Perfection

Winter 2017 Update

Winter is about here and the Huckleberry Woodchuck shop is gearing up for Christmas. I wanted to go over some new additions to the Atelier Havier collection and introduce a new fabric that will be rolling out of the shop in this weeks drop and throughout the next few weeks. 


As always, we are constantly looking for new fabrics and better quality for the Atelier Havier collection. The Matteo vintage wash linen and cotton have proven to be popular as customers experience the softness and heft of high end fabric. New color-ways will continue to be added and considering each batch is reactive dyed, every new run will vary slightly. 


We have been experimenting with a new long staple cotton from Turkey that is used to make traditional Peshtemal towels. If you have never experienced a turkish towel, let me fill you in on some of the high points. It dries quick, is super absorbent and best of all, its super soft and gets softer with each wash. Having discovered how perfect this material is for handkerchiefs I have contacted a small shop in Turkey that continues the tradition of hand weaving this fabric on traditional looms. This weeks drop will feature a slightly more mass produced version so customers can see what they are all about before dropping more money on a hand crafted version. I think you will find they are the perfect choice for winter. 

Durability of Our Premium Collections


I get asked a lot about handkerchief care and to be honest I know nothing about washing fabrics correctly so I always give the textbook answer and tell customers to hand wash or wash on gentle cycle and air dry. I personally throw my handkerchiefs in with everything else and overall it has worked out ok. 

Pictured to the left are two pieced handkerchiefs and one double sided Matteo vintage wash linen handkerchief. There is some wrinkling on the outside of the edge stitch but overall no issues with excess wear or shrinking. My Signature handkerchiefs have faired the same however I don't have any pictures of them at the moment. These handkerchiefs are designed and made to be used hard and I have yet to see one not hold up over the past 4 years. 

Finally I would like to thank everyone for your continued support and patience. This past year I have been remodeling a house so I have been pressed for time, skipped drops, etc. Thanks for bearing with me and I hope to continue to make quality accessories.