The latest Standard handkerchief batch


Before I list the next batch of handkerchiefs I thought I would go through the various styles that Huckleberry Woodchuck offers. 


Standard- These are handkerchiefs made by another member of the shop and are a great starter for those not sure if they need a handkerchief. Made with 100% cotton with a diagonal stitch to keep it from bunching in your pocket. These are typically cheaper than the other styles, however this batch will be supporting our Cresent Nest Hiking Chair project so proceeds will go into the manufacturing of our prototype. Since it's our way of crowd funding this project the price will be a bit higher but again it will go towards our project and your contribution is appreciated!


Classic- These are the handkerchiefs that I make out of 100% cotton or flannel with a muslin back. These are marked with a bar tack in the corners (a wide stitched line), a distinct diagonal stitch to prevent bunching and double stitched corners for added strength.  With the flannel there is both light and heavy versions which denotes the thickness of the flannel. Both are great for wiping snot so it's just a matter of preference and pocket feel. 


Signature-Occasionally I come across some nice fabric that costs more than the typical flannel and cotton. This includes but is not limited to linen, wool, poly blends (rarely), and combinations of higher end fabrics. Also included in this category are the handkerchiefs made from reclaimed fabric which are by far my favorite although a pain in the ass to cut and sew. These are made by me and feature the stitching mentioned above. One other little detail I include is a double stitched label.  


These 3 styles encompass the entire range of handkerchiefs we make and all have an attention to detail that you will find nowhere else.  

The next batch of Standard Handkerchiefs will be posted late tonight at 1:00am eastern and there will be more listed throughout the week.  

Thanks. Be classy. Seatbelts.  

Jay Smith

 Huckleberry Woodchuck