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Grey Plaid/ Topo Map Original Knife Case V.2

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After a year of research, prototyping and design I am finally able to share with you the ultimate in high end knife/ watch storage. Amply padded canvas with a super soft flannel lining keeps the knife protected when not in use. For display and tinkering, the flap unfolds to provide a protected layout. With our original design, the flap completely wraps the knife twice for double the protection without added bulk. The flap fits snugly beneath a twill ribbon so there are no zippers to leave scratches or velcro to gum up. Why buy a high end knife and keep it in a cheap case?


Holds knifes up to 5.5 inches long (closed) with a scale/ blade width up to 2 inches (or slightly more) Shown with a 3" Hinderer

Overall width will hold the beefiest knife

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