Our Story

Huckleberry Woodchuck began as an alternative to the burp cloths I was using to clean up after my baby daughter. The shop officially started on September 23, 2013 after sales picked up on a couple forums (A special thanks goes out to the fine folks on the ESEE forum for their support over the years with all of my projects). 

Carefully packaged and nice enough to get a grunt of approval from Martha Stewart


The hedgehog branding is a symbol of utility,  simplicity, and having the tools you need at hand. Every piece is designed and selected to function without distracting from the task.

Packaging follows the same principles using kraft brown paper and corrugated cardboard. Jute cord keeps everything together and everybody likes an opportunity to use their knife when a package arrives. A poly envelope protects the contents from just about anything the USPS could put it through.  

Every aspect is constantly being critiqued for improvement. Feedback is encouraged so that others will know what to expect from the shop and can be found on my Etsy page.

Finally, I would like to thank the customers who have gotten me this far and to promise you the best I can do.


Jay Smith