Twist Bullet Pencil

Minimalist yet versatile design for a unique writing instrument. A modern take on vintage Americana. Now with a pen option.


Why the "Twist?" Well, because our modern take on the bullet pencil has a twist. Traditional bullet pencils use friction for both inserting the pencil into the bullet and inserting the bullet into the tube. That process often times can become difficult when trying to replace your pencil nub that has worn down. We solved that problem by making all components with threads. So instead of just pushing things in, you give it a "Twist." The Twist Bullet Pencil is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and comes with either an aluminum bullet tip or a brass bullet tip.


We believe the Twist Bullet Pencil is by far the best carry option for most brands of pencil and our modern take on it makes it a practical tool suitable for today.

We now have a pen attachment available to make the Twist a dual threat!  So you can decide, is it a pencil or pen kind of day.  The pen attachment fits in the existing bullet provided and accepts D1 mini pen refills.



Who and Why?The Twist Bullet Pencil is a collaboration of two small maker brands that met through Instagram.  As the founder of Metal Shop, I was looking for unique men's products to sell along side my work at various pop up and craft markets.  The notion was to have a one stop shop for all sorts of "guy stuff."  I first noticed Huckleberry Woodchuck about eight months ago and purchased some vintage bullets pencils and hand sewn handkerchiefs.  The bullet pencils conveyed this sense of Americana and I knew I had to find a way to put a modern twist on them.  One call to Jay from Huckleberry Woodchuck and we knew we had something on our hands.  The result is a product we are extremely proud of and we hope you like it too.

The Specs:  

Material - CNC machined 6061 aluminum with either a brass or aluminum bullet tip

Pencil - Blackwing Palomino (We will supply each reward level with the Blackwing Palomino though the threaded design of the bullet will accept almost any pencil on the market, including round pencils like the Field Notes Brand)

Weight (with pencil) - .6oz (all aluminum) .8oz (brass bullet)

Length closed - 4 1/4 "

Length open - 5 3/4"

Pencil nub - 2 5/16"

Measurements may vary slightly.

Pre-cut and sharpened pencil nubs and eraser refill packs will be made available for sale at either or 

And the most important part, The Twist is Made in America!