HuckleberryWoodchuck is growing fast thanks to our wonderful customers and we are adding more products weekly. If there is an item you are interested in but do not see in our shop, contact me and we will get you sorted out. Due to the high demand there may be a wait on custom orders, however most are made and shipped within 7-14 business days.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to providing you the very best products and customer support. 

Payment Policy: Payment is expected before the items are shipped. Custom orders will be completed once payment has been received unless there is an agreement via PM. 

Shipping Policy: All handkerchiefs are carefully wrapped in kraft paper, bullet pencils are protected with sturdy cardboard with bubble wrap and both are shipped in a water resistant poly envelope for content protection. Orders placed after 10am on Friday will be shipped the following business day. 
International shipping charges are specifically set a bit higher than needed to ensure delivery and to cover the higher international processing fees for payment.

Refunds: If you have a problem with one of our products I will make it right with either a replacement or a refund at my discretion. Please don't mail a dirty hanky back to the shop. Its gross and weird. 

How to wash a HuckleberryWoodchuck handkerchief:
100% Cotton- Pretreat any stains with a few drops of detergent and place in cold water for 15-30 mins. Scrub and continue. Machine wash in cold water the first time to prevent bleeding. Then wash in warm- hot water with a cold rinse. Upon removal shake the hell out of it to remove wrinkles and dry on medium heat. You can remove the hanky before it is completely dry to prevent shrinking but it really doesn't matter, hankys always fit. 
Flannel/ Muslin- See above but use cold water for the first 3 washes.
Linen/ Muslin- Fill a basin with luke warm water and add detergent. Agitate the hanky in the water but do not rub the fabric together. Rinse all of the soap out and hang dry.

(Unofficial: I just throw mine in the wash...)