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This is a new thing I am trying so please be patient as I work out all of the kinks. Here is how this is going to work, sign up below, filling everything out completely. With each batch of handkerchiefs I make, I will contact people on the list until 1-2 handkerchiefs are sold. If you do not like the handkerchiefs offered you can skip and I will contact you next time. There may be batches that I don't contact anyone and there may be some where I offer more than 1 or 2. This is an attempt to get handkerchiefs in more peoples hands so again, please be patient.

Services are on a first come first serve basis and a prompt reply will guarantee your chances. Please add jsmith@huckleberrywoodchuck.com to your contacts so you don't find the message in the junk mail. All entries will be added to the newsletter list but don't worry, I don't have enough time to spam you.

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I am just curious, this does not effect your chances of getting a handkerchief.