How to wash a HuckleberryWoodchuck handkerchief:

100% Cotton- Pretreat any stains with a few drops of detergent and place in cold water for 15-30 mins. Scrub and continue. Machine wash in cold water the first time to prevent bleeding. Then wash in warm- hot water with a cold rinse. Upon removal shake the hell out of it to remove wrinkles and dry on low heat. You can remove the hanky before it is completely dry to prevent shrinking but it really doesn't matter, hankys always fit. 
Flannel/ Muslin- See above but use cold water for the first 3 washes.
Linen/ Muslin- Fill a basin with luke warm water and add detergent. Agitate the hanky in the water but do not rub the fabric together. Rinse all of the soap out and hang dry.

(Unofficial: I just throw mine in the wash...)