New Products and Shop News

It has been awhile since I have updated everyone on shop news and products so I am going to take some time today to announce new products, shop improvements, and future plans. 

New Products

The past few drops we have finally managed to keep inventory in stock for longer than a minute! We have been posting the same patterns or similar variations in multiple drops so hopefully everyone has had a chance to get the one they like. You may have also noticed the lack of embroidered hanks but since Blade is over and some specialty stuff has been finished there should be more (including collabs for those that have been asking) coming up in the next few drops. 

Knife Cases

Why store a high end knife in a cheap case?

Many of you have seen our latest iteration of the standard knife case in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Quilt Co. We worked for a little over a year to perfect the design keeping simplicity and utility as essential design elements. Our first version measures approx 5 inches across with a flap that wraps the knife twice to allow space for display and to keep the knife twice as protected. We are working on the next version which will be half an inch wider to fit some of the longer folders we tested at Blade. The case shell is made primarily out of canvas with either a full flannel lining or a split lining keeping the flannel in the knife pocket and a decorative print on the inside flap. The closure is a simple strap and flap system that does away with annoying velcro and  zippers that can scratch. We are constantly looking to update the cases with the same dedication to improving excellence that you will find in our handkerchiefs. Currently we are researching non reactive fabrics to find the perfect blend of softness, color, and archivability to keep the exotic metals found on a lot of high end knives from developing a reaction from materials like found in some of the outsourced cheaper alternative cases. Keep an eye out for some collaborations with your favorite knife makers.

New Handkerchief Style

The next generation of Standard

Again advancing on our form follows function ethos, we decided a few months ago to add a new style to our handkerchief lineup. The Standard will be single layered with wide rolled hems made with premium woven cottons with an emphasis towards oxfords, linens, and rustic spun wovens. While the original intent of Huckleberry Woodchuck is to make premium, small batch double layered handkerchiefs, we realize there is a place for a quality single layered version. The size will remain the same while the pocket feel will be well suited for everyday use and summer carry.

We are currently sourcing domestically grown and milled cotton, continuing our support for smaller independent companies. I personally have always tried to support US made products whenever possible but I decided early on to not limit myself by region when researching fabric. You will find premium fabrics that highlight each countries abilities in this line of handkerchiefs ranging from the deep indigo dyes of Japan to the tight weave the Italians have specialized over the centuries. Rest assured we will always use the highest grade fabric in all of our products.

Patch Mats

Small Batch Mats as Unique as Your Favorite Patch

Karen at Kaleidoscope Quilt Co. has designed a patch mat that surpasses anything available today. Measuring approx 29 inches by 22 inches with unobtrusive grommets allows you to hang them vertically or horizontal. Each mat has subtle design elements that set them apart including custom edging that matches the reverse fabric. These mats can be folded or rolled for travel, perfect for shows and can be used as displays for patch makers. These will be available in limited quantities per design so grab one quick!

Misc Updates

First off the shop has moved to a larger space as we build (or buy) a custom space. This hasn't affected production much but there are still some growing pains as I try to find everything in all these boxes. It is nice to have some room to move and as always I am eternally thankful for the customer support that continues to drive this company. 

Also you may have noticed some new labels and branding! I was never pleased with the aesthetics when we used two labels on the collaboration work so we combined the Huckleberry Woodchuck logo with Kaleidoscope Quilt Co and came up with a whole new look. You will find these new labels on the collaboration handkerchiefs, knife cases, patch mats and more as we come up with new products. We have also started using different iterations of the hedgehog to better suit each product line and to provide some diversity in style. New Look, Same Great Taste!

As stated earlier we are also trying to find consistent, quality domestic fabric that will meet our current needs as well as our future clothing line. This takes time considering how picky I am but I am confident we will come up with the perfect balance of feel and function. 

Thanks again to everyone for your continuing support. Blade show was fantastic and it was great meeting new fans and seeing old friends. If you ever have a question or suggestion please feel free to message me on our Facebook page or email me at